Amazones Participates again in Schizza Cup edition 11 June 21 
Friday, 21 June 2013

Amazones for the 3d time participates in the Schizza Cup tournament. Amazones will compete in the G group for the 1st stage of the Cup.

The first match will be against Xpaks XI a team from Malta known to our team from previous SC match.

AC Mantis
WFT Lech Poznań
FC Encoberta
Holla FC
Xpaks XI

Good luck to our team!!!
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Amazones relegates to VI.701 series May 8 
Wednesday, 8 Μay 2013

Amazones relegates to VI series after a knock out match against Elpis Xorterou by 4-5. Grief in Athens for this tragedy!The Team didn't managed to remain in the series even after the last minute great signings. The qualify match was a tough one, Elpis Xorterou used great tactics on the field unknown for Amazones till now

we made many mistakes this season and at the end the result is tragic. We must emerge stronger and try better next time. I don't know what happens next i am really sorry about everything but this is life this is football" Were the comments of the coach Avshalom Sabag
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Amazones victorious at NAB Coronado February 25 
Monday, 25 February 2013

18864 punters turned up at NAB Coronado, and despite threatening clouds on the horizon, no rain came.

Seal team 6 tactics involved an interesting 3-5-2 combination. Lineup: Ciofani - Perivolaris, Drożdżyk, Periandros - Kiprakis, Iliev, Delamotte, Vañó, Laspouras - Valioulis, Pando.
Amazones used a 5-2-3 combination with : TDíaz - Batlle, Malkoç, Wedral, Enes, Lisik - Porcellato, Thyen - Iancu, Baldissarro, Řehoř.

59' Amazones caught their opponents out with a clever counterattack down the right wing. Sezgin Malkoç was able to finish off the move - 0 - 1.
60' Adamantios Perivolaris of ST6 seemed to be floating in the air as he elegantly headed in to make the score 1 - 1 after a corner kick that was nicely executed by Hristo Iliev.
77' The counterattacks of Amazones were deadly and 77 minutes into the game, Massimiliano Baldissarro received a nice pass from the right flank, making it 1 - 2.

" It was a good match, my team followed the tactics and the result proves it, despite the difficulty of the match" Stated the Coach of Amazones Avshalom Sagaq
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Draw at Thermodontas February 17 
Sunday, 17 February 2012

Clear skies welcomed the 33621 spectators who had made their way to Thermodontas Arena.

Amazones decided to use a 5-2-3 set up. The following players took the field: Díaz - Lisik, Wedral, Enes, Malkoç, Batlle - Zubchuk, Thyen - Řehoř, Iancu, Baldissarro.
A.O Parthenonas started off with a 3-5-2 lineup. Starters: Moonen - Roszak, Dörflinger, Heinen - Dias Brandão, Maratea, Glasow, Hocera, Schippermütze - Cazos, Heinrichen.

It was a match with few occasions for goal, both teams played a balanced football trying to dominate in empty spaces.
Amazones had the chance to score in those occasions but the visitors defence was in excellent form to allow that.

" I know that it was our opponent was superior, we had our chances for goal, but the lack of experience in this series was evident , the important thing is that we took a point , but there is still the danger of relegation. It's the fourth match and there is a long way till the end. Hope that we manage to survive here, the certain is that me, my lads and the staff are doing our best" Were the comments of the coach Avshalom Sabag
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Amazones out of Greek Cup January 31 
Thursday, 31 January 2013

15 minutes before the match ends Amazones lost the chance to pass through the next phase of the Greek Cup. Great disapointement in Attiki.
33323 punters turned up at Thermodontas Arena, and despite threatening clouds on the horizon, no rain came. People from all over Attiki had joined up for the derby.

Amazones tactics involved an interesting 5-2-3 combination. Lineup: Díaz - Lisik, Wedral, Enes, Grafen, Batlle - Paúl, Thyen - Řehoř, Baldissarro, Iancu.
panathliakos used a 3-5-2 combination with : Torrado - Stoffl, Bălan, Prill - Ramos Pemán, Kounadopoulos, Biberich, Wehrmüller, Daubenfeld - Barreto, Popa.

5' Using their counter-attacking abilities was the strategy of choice for Amazones. The visitors' central defence should have had no trouble clearing the pass to Wolf Wedral, but the Amazones player managed to shrug them off and fired a low shot past the keeper to give his team the lead. 1 - 0!
74' Amazones caught their opponents out with a clever counterattack down the right wing. George Iancu was able to finish off the move 2 - 0
77'' An amazing pass from the left side resulted in a goal for the visitors, as Pelagios Kounadopoulos anticipated the through ball and scored, reducing the deficit to 2 - 1.
77' Alex Popa finished off a quick charge from the left of the field by chipping the ball just past the home side's keeper, making the score 2 - 2.
83' panathliakos's Antonio Ramos Pemán made his way through the middle and nonchalantly placed the ball out of the keeper's reach, putting the visitors up 2 - 3.

" I am extremely disappointed about the match, we led the game for 75 minutes, but something went wrong with our right defence, we must concentrate more in the future" Stated the Coach of Amazones Avshalom Sagaq
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21 years old striker Kasjusz Seweryn transfer listed January 28 
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Amazones prevailed 1-2 away over kafeneio for V.30 League match-day 1. January 27 
Sunday, 27 January 2012

Fairly good weather for football had drawn a crowd of 43801 to kafeneio Arena.

kafeneio decided to use a 3-5-2 set up. The following players took the field: Timos - Ruiz, Rizzu, Pekkurt - Viglas, Mpamias, Varelakis, Yianitsanakis, Pedreira - Bonifacio, Strander.
Amazones started off with a 3-4-3 lineup. Starters: Díaz - Batlle, Enes, Lisik - Wedral, Zubchuk, Paúl, Bastek - Baldissarro, Iancu, Řehoř.

11' A penalty was given after 11 minutes, allowing the visitors to gain the lead: 0 - 1. Konstantyn Zubchuk was the scorer.
21' With a shot curled in from just outside the middle of the penalty area after 21 minutes played, Aziz Pekkurt of kafeneio made the score 1 - 1.
40' The home crowd was not impressed by the fancy moves of Amazones's Xevi Batlle after 40 minutes. He converted a pass from the left for a goal, resulting in the visitors taking the final 1 - 2 .

" Congratulations to my lads, they played a great game, great start of the season, hope we continue like this, kafeneio is an experienced team and has a powerfull roster, this fact makes this away victory important. The future of Amazones in this series is still unknown, there is much stress but at the end i think we can make it" Stated the Coach of Amazones in a local newspaper.
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Amazones in the next phase of Schizza Cup 9 December 20 
Thursday, 20 December 2012

Amazones passes to the next phase of the cup after a magnificent win against AC Platanazo by 1-3!
3191 spectators had come to HugeMasters Lair this cloudy day. The match took place on neutral ground

Platanazo tactics involved an interesting 3-5-2 combination. Starters: Ţugui - Koyumdzhiev, Reddin, Belgrano - Alfaro, Petkov, Crnovršanin, Vendelø, Luto - Ringstad, Grynczel.
Amazones started off with a 3-4-3 lineup. They fielded: Díaz - Batlle, Enes, Lisik - Zubchuk, Wedral, Paúl, Thyen - Baldissarro, Seweryn, Iancu.

24' In what looked like a well-rehearsed move, the ball was headed backwards and reached George Iancu, who had plenty of space to place a well aimed shot - 0 - 1.
35'An incisive pass through the middle gave Kasjusz Seweryn a chance to increase the lead for Amazones, and he did not disappoint. The score was then 0 - 2.
62' The visitors put themselves ahead 0 - 3 as George Iancu finished off an attack from the left with a spectacular scissors kick.
69'A marvellous Platanazo effort on the right-hand side resulted in a goal after 69 minutes by Eirik Ringstad, making the score 1 - 3

After the match the president of our team stated "It was an incredible victory for our team, AC Platanazo is more experienced than us, with a great activity in international tournaments and clearly the odds were against Amazones, but my lads played with a winning spirit and brought home this victory"
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Thermodontas Arena Under Construction December 17 
Monday, 17 December 2012

Amazones President Mr Mpitzimpitzidis has decided to update the stadium of the team with the financial help of the sponsors.
3000 seats will be added in order to expand the capacity of the stadium to accommodate 40.000 fans . The project has cost 204k euros.At the moment The arena is surrounded by cranes and construction equipment. The project is expected to be finished by approximately 27-12-2012

Basic Seating:+705
Seats under roof:+420
VIP Boxes:+75

"It's very important to continue this project so we can satisfy the needs of our fans! It will be the diamond of the city I promise that!" stated manager Mr Mpitzimpitzidis
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Amazones qualifies for the playoffs stage December 10 
Monday, 10 December 2012

Great success for Amazones in it's first time in Schizza Cup , with 3 victories over XPaks XI (1-8) , AC Mantis (1-3) , Tamarack Athletic (4-1) and one defeat against Famous 38 FC (2-4) found the way for the first round of the playoffs

This fact was unexpected by team, because in SC9 this season participated great teams, with more experience in the competition
Currently Amazones occupy the second place of Group H with 9 points and already has the ticket for the playoffs , next match will be against Baiesdorf Silverados (GER) at Thermodontas Arena

Players and staff of the team are extremely enthusiastic about the success of the team. Amazones Coach Avshalom Sabag stated "My team has a great season, and I am very happy, we are first in the league and as it seems we will be promoted, my lads managed to pass to the next stage of Schizza Cup , what else has to expect a Coach from his lads? Hope we continue like this!"
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