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Bozo is the new coach 08-03-2019 
Today Jorge Bozo was officially presented as the new coach for Campioni FC. During the last season he was our assistant coach and worked beside our former coach Westlander. Now it was time for him to hang up his boots as a player and to make the big step and become our new coach. His debut as our coach on the bench will take place in our first cup match next wednesday. We all wish him luck, and hope for many successful seasons during his coaching period.
Campioni - Promotion to div 2 ! 11-11-2018 
Winning the league was not enough for direct promotion to div 2. A playoff match was needed. This final match was all that was seperating us from our dream to get promoted back to div 2. It was not an easy task, but two goals from Darmanin and Farrugia, were enough for us to emerge victorious. Well done Lions!

Back from division 3 15-05-2017 
After the unexpected defeat in the playoff, Campioni FC will now start their new journey in division 3. Our main objective is to get promoted to division 2 as soon as possible. In order to reach this objective some changes were made in our club. The board felt it was time to replace Tyson Luriet Abela and so Ron Westlander took his place as our new coach. Also our previous captain has joined another club and Jimmy Andreasson will be our new captain. We hope that these changes will help motivate our players so that we will reach our main objective, to play again in division 2.

This week Campion FC obtain their first win of the new season as expected in the first round of the cup. Yesterday, we also managed to win the first match in our series. We hope to continue like this in order to reach our main objective.
Champions and promotion to Premier ! 31-05-2016 
It was all decided in the final game of the season. Following our league rivals' defeat, with our great win we finished the season at the top place and were crowned as Champions !
With a magnificent league run, in which we achieved 13 wins out of 14 games, we were promoted directly to the Kampjonat Premier. It is always great to be among Malta's elite top 8 teams. Under the leadership of our coach Tyson Luriet Abela, we are having once again the opportunity to play in this high rated series, which is the dream of every team since their beginning. Well done Campioni !

Also the club would like to officially announce that after winning this league, it was now necessary to bring in several new players while other veterans left the club. We also signed a new goalkeeper Ilunbe, while Lagier joined a foreign club. Even Jason Fenech Adami and Silvio Ebejer left our club while new youngsters Kilin and Roger Darmanin joined our senior squad. Our new signings Busuttil and Aloscha will now be our new midfielders while Matthew Ellul will take place in our defence. Also other changes are being considered.
We would like to thank all former players for their services with our club, and their effort in winning our latest league title. Also we welcome all the new Lions and wish them success with our club.

New coach for Campioni FC 27-10-2015 
Today our club officially presented our new coach Tyson Luriet Abela. He was our assistant manager and during the past seasons he worked beside our former coach Bisazza. A change was needed after many seasons under Bisazza. Now a new challenge awaits for Mr Abela. His official debut as our new coach will be in tomorrow's game in our first cup match. We would like to thank Mr Bisazza for his long and successful service to our club. Now it's time to move on and look forward to many sucessfull seasons under the guidance of our new manager Tyson Luriet Abela.
Lucky Brown in Hall of Fame 13-12-2014 
Today legend Lucky Brown officially retired and was listed in our club's Hall of Fame. It has been a great career, being the perfect model for our young Lions to follow. At the age of 17, he joined our club from our nursery and spent his whole career with us. He was one of the best strikers we ever had in our squad. But at the age of 40, it was now time to retire. He spent his last few seasons helping our youngsters and surely his experience was an asset to us. During his career he even had the opportunity to play for the national squad and even score.

And for some really impressive statistics, Lucky Brown spent 2655 days at our club which are equivalent to 24 seasons! He played 339 matches and scored 137 goals.
Tazza ta' Kemmuna champions! 15-10-2014 
The first ever edition of the new Tazza ta' Kemmuna found itself in the Kemmuna region. Today our Lions won the cup final with a dramatic win in the extra time against a tough opponent. In the 19 min Fenech Adami opened the score for us, but then we conceided a goal and we had to play the extra time to decide the winner of this final. In the 112 min Marmara managed to find the net and made the score 1-2 for us. We managed to hold on till the end and as the final whistle blew, Campioni FC were crowned the winners of the Tazza ta' Kemmuna. Today we made history for our club and Campioni FC will be forever mentioned as the first ever winner of this cup. Let the celebrations begin!

Meanwhile the club would like to announce that both Orsini and Bastegieta have left the club and were replaced by Raymond Grech and Thomas Vivier respectively. And what a way to start their career with us by winning this cup! FORZA CAMPIONI !

Campioni ! 14-07-2014 
On the day of the world cup final 2014, our Lions were crowned champions of our series. It is no easy task to win the series II but in the end we managed to win this title yet again. After last season's experience in the Premier with Malta's best teams, we were eager to return to winning games and prove our strength. Congratulations to all our Lions for this achievement!

The Lions are ready! 09-04-2014 
This season we will be playing in series II.4 after the experience in the Premier Division. We made some changes in the squad to prepare for the new season. Maltese midfielder Andre Marmara joined our squad. Youngster Matthew Bugeja was promoted from our academy to the first squad as our backup goalkeeper. These two maltese players joined our squad to replace germans Puta and Bebel who went to play back in Germany. Also Olenbratt ended his experience with us and joined a foreign club. Finally youngsters Aiden Debrincat and Benno Bamm joined our ranks while Roberts left our club.
New shirt numbers were assigned today. The most interesting was that number 11 of legend Lucky Brown, now have been assigned to Carmel Lanzon. Goodluck Lions!
Campioni Again ! 08-12-2013 
And yet again Campioni FC in our final game of this league, managed to win and are crowned champions! We fought game by game till the last minute of the season and yet again we are champions! It was never easy and every team gave its best against us, especially our old eternal rivals Minotawri. But in the end we managed to emerge victorious once again. Well done Lions!

Meanwhile talented youngster Ninu Zrinzo have joined the senior squad from our academy. He will be trained and we hope that he follows the steps of our legend Lucky Brown. And what a way to begin his career with us! He is already celebrating the title while waiting for his official debut!

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