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Campioni ! 14-07-2014 
On the day of the world cup final 2014, our Lions were crowned champions of our series. It is no easy task to win the series II but in the end we managed to win this title yet again. After last season's experience in the Premier with Malta's best teams, we were eager to return to winning games and prove our strength. Congratulations to all our Lions for this achievement!

The Lions are ready! 09-04-2014 
This season we will be playing in series II.4 after the experience in the Premier Division. We made some changes in the squad to prepare for the new season. Maltese midfielder Andre Marmara joined our squad. Youngster Matthew Bugeja was promoted from our academy to the first squad as our backup goalkeeper. These two maltese players joined our squad to replace germans Puta and Bebel who went to play back in Germany. Also Olenbratt ended his experience with us and joined a foreign club. Finally youngsters Aiden Debrincat and Benno Bamm joined our ranks while Roberts left our club.
New shirt numbers were assigned today. The most interesting was that number 11 of legend Lucky Brown, now have been assigned to Carmel Lanzon. Goodluck Lions!
Campioni Again ! 08-12-2013 
And yet again Campioni FC in our final game of this league, managed to win and are crowned champions! We fought game by game till the last minute of the season and yet again we are champions! It was never easy and every team gave its best against us, especially our old eternal rivals Minotawri. But in the end we managed to emerge victorious once again. Well done Lions!

Meanwhile talented youngster Ninu Zrinzo have joined the senior squad from our academy. He will be trained and we hope that he follows the steps of our legend Lucky Brown. And what a way to begin his career with us! He is already celebrating the title while waiting for his official debut!

'Gumu l-Lager' joins Campioni FC 01-10-2013 
Today Campioni FC proudly presents our new goalkeeper. After a whole career with our club, gk Paul Linn decided that it was time for him to have a new experience with a foreign club. So we had to search for a new goalkeeper. After much scouting, the choice fell on young talented french gk Jerome Lagier, better known as 'Gumu l-Lager' here in Malta.

Fans gathered at the airport to welcome Jerome upon his arrival. There is huge enthusiasm at our club and much is expected from this young gk. His debut is expected tomorrow in the cup match.
Wigi l-Ors joins Campioni FC 04-07-2013 
Our club proudly presents our new signing Luigi Orsini better known as Wigi l-Ors. He was signed as a replacement for the other italian Pino Crippa who is expected to leave the club very soon. The club felt the need to strengthen our defence, while reducing the average age. Welcome Wigi l-Ors !

Meanwhile today we are celebrating the 36th birthday of our legend Lucky Brown. He joined the club as a youthpull at the tender age of 17 and at 36 he is still going strong. In fact yesterday his goal was vital for us to advance to round 9 in the malta cup. Happy Birthday Lucky Brown!
Campioni !! 29-04-2013 
In the last league game our club was crowned champions of division 2!
It was a very tough series with many teams challenging for the title. But in the end it was our club who managed to win the title! Now we face the difficult task of the playoff. But for today let us celebrate this fantastic league title !

Meanwhile the club would like to announce the signing of dutch star van Uden who replaced Fabra and swiss youngster Senter who replaced Mario Pace.

Forza Campioni !!

2 Youths Join Senior Squad 14-04-2013 
Two more youths from our academy have been promoted to the senior squad. Franklin Fleri joined the squad last month. Yesterday it was time for Errol Coleiro to take his place among the senior players.
After whole months of intensive training, we are pleased that these youngsters are now ready to begin their professional career with our squad. These two additions, highlight our club policy to invest in our youths and in the same time believe in them.
Fleri has already played in some friendly matches, and Coleiro is expected to make his official debut in next wednesday friendly match.

We will continue with this procedure and build our future on our youngsters. We are investing a lot in our youth academy and those successful youths, as they can see, are being rewarded by given the chance to prove themselves in the professional level.

Interested youths are encouraged to contact one of our scouts, for a trial with our youth academy.
Alejandro joins Campioni FC 23-01-2013 
Following the departure of our midfielder Winna, it was time for us to sign a new replacement. After scouting many players, we chose spaniard Alejandro to join our squad. Much is expected from our new talent. He is expected to make his debut in today's first cup match of the season.

In the end of season, we promoted youngster Pulis from our academy, who replaced Portanier. Also young midfielder Cardona replaced Bajada. The board of Campioni FC would like to welcome all these new players with us, and wish them a successful career with our club.

A Lion from the Academy 03-10-2012 
Today we proudly present our new young Lion who joined the senior squad from the academy. Jason Fenech Adami is the first player ever to be promoted from the academy to join and form part of the senior squad. Unlike the previous youths, this player will not be sold to another club but will form part of our senior squad. He is expected to make his debut today in the first cup match of the new season. Great things are expected from this new talent...

Jason Fenech Adami joined our academy at the young age of 15 years. From the first days at our club, he began to show his scoring talent and with the help of our coaching staff, he continued to develop his skills and now he is ready to form part of our senior squad. The presence of our legend Lucky Brown will surely help this young Lion. Perhaps a new legend is to follow Lucky Brown...
First youth from academy 22-08-2012 
Today was an important day for our club. Ryan Young became our first youth ever to be promoted from the academy and begin a career as a professional player. Young has signed a new contract with a belgian club.
He joined our academy at the tender age of 15 yrs and after 2 years of hard training, now it was time for him to join a club and begin his career as a professional footballer. He is the first, of many youth players that will be promoted from the academy and either join our senior squad or join other teams to begin a new career.
Our youths must take example from Ryan Young and work hard to achieve success. From a young amateur, hard training has developed Young into a professional footballer.
Goodluck Young, and hope that other youngsters will follow your steps.
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