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Back on the right track 06-06-2005 
The players of Campioni FC reacted with honour and have overcame their defeat from the cup by beating Birkirkara with a high score of 5-1. The manager praised his players for the fighting spirit shown on the pitch and their willingness to put behind their last defeat. Although in 10 men (following the sending off of Johan Caruana), Campioni FC managed to group together and obtain a fantastic win which is fundamental for regaining confidence.
In the next friendly match, Mr Farrugia announced that space will be given to those players which played less so far and new tactics may be tried. Our next league match is against Grob City which is a very good team and thus a strong opponent. The manager stressed the need to keep concentrated because we have difficult matches ahead. We shall play match after match and see what results we shall obtain. Come on Greens!
A Shock defeat 02-06-2005 
Yesterday Campioni suffered their worst defeat in a competitive match. The manager said that he is still confused about this defeat and will be analysing what went so wrong, although he is suspecting a MOTS game from the opponments. Anyway we still cannot be defeated with such a high score and a positive reaction in the near future is expected by the team. Mr Farrugia expressed his disappointement of the result, but encouraged his players to come out of this situation by beating our next opponment in the league. He also stressed the need to show the fighting spirit and never to give up. Our objective now will be to do as well as possible in the domestic league, while honouring our team name - Campioni!
Revenge! 30-05-2005 
Campioni FC yesterday obtained their first win in the league in their first match. Ironically the victory came against rivals My Travel. Mr Farrugia said that the best team had won and highlighted the fighting spirit with which his team had won the match. The manager also said that we must keep our feet to the ground, as this is just the beginning of a difficult season. After the match, celebrations were held at Campioni FC club.

Also Mr Farrugia would like to congratulate Pinetina FC for their first win in division 3 and Pandamonju for their win against Viola. Congratulations to both teams!
First Great Win of the Season! 27-05-2005 
Hopes and expectations are high this season for Campioni FC. This was confirmed from Wednesday's 7-1 win against Siggiewi Lightnings. It was a fantastic game in which 2 debutants scored their first goal for Campioni FC. Mr Farrugia said that he was very happy and encouraged with the performance of his team in their first cup match. Our aim this season is to play match after match and see what final results we can obtain.
However no celebrations were held in respect of the result of the Champions League final result...

The next game is against rivals My Travel who last season finished just 1 point above Campioni FC and obtained the 3rd place. Let's hope for a sweet revenge! Forza Campioni FC!
New logo and website for Campioni FC ! 23-05-2005 
Today Campioni FC officially launched their new logo. Mr Farrugia said that the 'lion' theme represents the fighting spirit that Campioni FC are expected to show in every match. The Manager also stated that he is delighted with the magnificent logo of his team and would like to thank especially Refar for his fantastic job.

Also a new website has been launched for Campioni FC. Mr Farrugia said that apart from finding information about the team, comments and further suggestions would be welcomed in this website.
Pre-Season activities 23-05-2005 
The new season will begin this week. Mr Farrugia announced that several changes were made in the club. As regards to the transfer market, Campioni FC have signed German young goalkeeper T.Schammler, young maltese Ron Galea Testaferrata and other players. Also some players were offloaded to balance the squad. These 2 mentioned players played in a very good friendly match against the highly rated team Qawra United, which left the manager of Campioni FC happy with their performance. Some players were offloaded to balance the squad.
End of season 13-05-2005 
Manager of Campioni FC would like to congratulate his players for their hard work to place 4th and consolidate our position in the 3rd division with strong teams such as Viola and Valletta Boys. He also warns them of a probable difficult seaseon ahead. At the moment Campioni FC are looking to offload some players while some new faces will be arriving. Next week Campioni FC are going to play a friendly against Qawra Utd hoping to obtain a respectful result, while gaining some experience against a strong team. Mr Farrugia would like to thank all those who helped for his first good season with Campioni FC. Special thanks go to Jamie, Govann and Bugara.
Glorious victory for Campioni FC 09-05-2005 
Campioni FC ended their first season under manager Mr Farrugia in a great style win of 9-0 against Birzebbuga. This was the record win for this season in our league. It was a match dominated throughly by Campioni with a final 85% ball possession. The goals came from Carl Cassar, Jeroen Frijters (3), Derrick Deidun (3) and a goal from the debutant Tristan!! All eyes were upon Tristan and he made the most of it by scoring in his debut!

Mr Farrugia said that he was delighted by the performance of Campioni FC and praised his players for their fighting spirit until the end. But this great victory was not enough to achieve the 3 rd position because surprisingly Valletta Boys lost against My Travel leaving Campioni 1 point behind. Anyway merit must go to all the players for doing their duty until the end. Mr Farrugia said that he considers his first season with Campioni FC as satisfactory and is looking forward to the next season.
Tristan ready for debut! 05-05-2005 
Belgian 17 year old forward Tristan Thibaud is ready for his debut next sunday in the last match of season against Birzebbuga. Tristan is hoping to score his first goal in his debut which would be fantastic. Come on Tristan!
Fight until the end! 05-05-2005 

Campioni FC will fight until the very last match of the season, hoping to place 3rd in their first new season under manager Mr.Farrugia. All supporters of Campioni FC are invited at our stadium for our last match against Birzebbuga, to give their support which is fundamental for our team. FORZA CAMPIONI FC!!
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