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Bisazza : new coach for Campioni FC 12-06-2012 
Today our club proudly presents the new coach, Eric Bisazza. In the recent seasons he worked as an assistant to our previous coach, and now it was time for him to take the main job as our new coach. His debut in his new role will be in tomorrow's cup match of the new season. We hope for a long and successful era with Bisazza.

In his first press conference as the new coach, Bisazza said that he was very pleased to coach our Lions and he even spoke about his ambitious dream to form part of Malta's national team coaching staff...

Goodluck Mr Bisazza!
Campioni Juniors academy 29-01-2012 
The board of Campioni FC officially announced the opening of our youth nursery 'Campioni Juniors' academy. This is a new era for our club as now we can produce and train our young lions directly from our academy. All interested youths who would like to form part of the Campioni Juniors academy, are invited to contact us and prospective players will be given a trial with our club.

Meanwhile we would like to announce some major changes in our squad. Campioni FC players Zoppi, Bonzi, Insiodo and Coppola have left the club, and Gardin is expected to join another club soon too. These were replaced by highly rated stars namely maltese midfielder Tyson Abela, defenders Olenbratt and Wijze and midfielder Winna. We hope that these become legends at out club. The new shirt numbers of our full squad have been officially presented. The team website is soon to be updated too.

Finally we would like to congratulate our star Lanzon who made his U20 debut with Malta!
Young talent joins Campioni FC 15-11-2011 
Tonight the board of Campioni FC proudly presents our new signing - maltese powerful young talent Carmel Lanzon. He is only 17 years old. After days of scouting, we finally made it to sign this young Lion after fierce competition for his signature from other clubs. But he preferred to stay in Malta and join our club and we were prepared to make that extra financial effort to sign him. Lanzon spoke about his ambition to wear the U20 maltese shirt...

Meanwhile Calamatta has expressed his wish to join another club, to find a new challenge in his career. So our club accepted his request and signed Lanzon as a long term replacement. Lanzon's debut with our Lions is expected to be in the next cup match. Goodluck Lanzon!
Lions to the Premier ! 07-03-2011 
Finally our long dream of reaching the Premier and be among the top 8 teams of Malta, has come true! This season we dominated our series with an impressive 35 points and this enabled us to achieve direct promotion, without having a playoff. Our star player Lucky Brown has won the top goalscorer award with 23 goals. This was a memorable season for him, after making his debut with the national squad.

After having won the second division series, and promoted to premier, now we must face the strength of the premier league teams. Our main objective will be to enjoy this magnificent experience of playing against the elite teams of Malta. It was our dream, that someday we will be able to play against teams like Red Bulls, Maltezos and Zurrieq. But having said this, we will do our best to try to avoid direct relegation.

Two new Lions at Campioni FC 24-01-2011 
Italian player Vincenzo Ziza and german Alfons Duda signed for Campioni FC.
Censu z-Ziza replaced veteran Guerrera and was given the number 10 while Fonzu d-Duda replaced Bilocca with shirt number 26.
Fans are thrilled with these latest signings and gathered outside our club to welcome these players. The names of Ziza and Duda are heared in all Kemmuna and both players said they felt surprised with the huge welcome they have received from the fans. They promised to repay these fans with their performance on the pitch.
Lucky Brown scores for Malta! 19-11-2010 
Malta 1 - 0 Nicaragua
In the 37th minute of the first half, The visitors' central defence should have had no trouble clearing the pass to Lucky Brown, but the Malta player managed to shrug them off and fired a low shot past the keeper to give his team the lead. 1 - 0!

Lucky Brown signed for Campioni FC when he was only 17. He joined as a hot prospect, and with years of hard training he became the star of our club. His dream was that one day he will wear that beloved maltese red shirt and represent his country in the national team, even for only one match. And finally the long awaited call-up was announced and Lucky Brown was selected among the starting eleven for his debut with the national team. And in the 37th minuted he repaid the coach with a magnificent goal which enabled Malta to win the match 1-0 against Nicaragua.

Well done Lucky Brown, you made us proud !
Alejandro replace Menotti 08-11-2010 
After many seasons with our club, veteran Menotti expressed his wish to return to his home country and play for a brazilian club. It was time for a change in our back line. After scouting many players for his replacement, talented spanish defender Alejandro was spotted and negotiations for his signature began immediately. The deal was closed very quickly because Alejandro was determined to join our club. He was given Menotti's shirt number 3.
Now he will have to work hard to be able to fill the gap which Menotti left, but age is on his side as he is more than 8 years younger than him. The board is confident that a good investment in young Lion blood was made.
We would like to thank Menotti for his services and welcome Alejandro in our squad.

Meanwhile fans are gathering outside our club training grounds shouting and singing with joy, "Alejandro, Alejandro..."
Kemmuna Lions! 02-08-2010 
With a 5-1 win in the qualification Kemmuna derby, Campioni FC secured their position in division 2 for yet another season. The Lions were determined not to be relegated and 2 goals from Zoppi, and goals from Bisazza, Fortis and Menotti, enabled us to emerge victorious in this vital match. Well done Lions!

This season there were several changes in the squad. Following the high profile signings of both Roberto Bonzi and Leonardo Márquez, Dan Solomon joined the ranks. Zaren Musu replaced Casha as our second keeper. Musu is already becoming popular with our supporters. Ageing only 17 years old, he has a whole new career ahead of him with our Lions. Also, Salvu Lanzon has replaced the veteran Micallef on the wing while A.Rigoni replaced Cini. The signing of E.Bilocca added further depth in the squad.
End of Season 06-04-2010 
This season we managed to reach our objective to survive in this division, and even more without playing the playoff. During this season there were a lot of changes in our team which include many player changes, ground modification, new team kits and an updated team website. A full list of all the players including their photos with our new team kits is available on our team website.

The club takes the opportunity to thank the players which left our club during this season which include legends Pierre Cassia and Leonard Galdes. We wish them luck in their new challenge. Furthermore we would like to welcome all new players including the top new signings, defender Pietro Gardin and midfielder Carl Magro.
New Lions at Campioni FC 04-09-2009 
After the dramatic and emotional win in the qualification match, Elton Grech waved to the crowd his last goodbye following a magnificent career with our club. It was time for a major change in the squad. Together with Uly Woortman, Elton Grech left for a new challenge with a foreign club. It was very difficult to accept, but at the age of 32 it was time for him for a new experience in a foreign country.

But two new maltese Lions have signed with our club to replace them.
James Guerrera replaced Elton with the number 10, while Eric Bisazza replaced Uly with the number 15. The club invested in these new players and we are sure they will be legends like Elton was for us...
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