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Bombeiro leaves the club 20-07-2009 
Yesterday Bombeiro played his 177th match for our club and that was his last match with us. He was a real legend for our club and together with former player Calleja, they arrived at our club when they were only teenagers of 17 years. Together they leaded Campioni FC to win several league titles. But unfortunately it was now time to move on and after the departure of Calleja, today it was the turn of Bombeiro to join a foreign club. Youngster Galdes will take his shirt while Brown already replaced Calleja. Also last week, dutch player van Aggelen has left the club too.
New youngsters Pelin and Banfi have recently joined the club, while the future attack tandem of Zoppi and Bass have already settled with us.
In defence we recently signed three young players : Boffa, Mamo and Pilatos who replaced Bulla, Fleri and Lewis who all joined other clubs.
While thanking both Calleja and Bombeiro for their magnificent service to our club, we greet and welcome our new youngsters and wish them luck and a great career with us like our both former players.
Campioni - back to div 2 ! 12-01-2009 
Yesterday, our club managed to obtain an auto-promotion back to division 2. This season we faced tough opposition from some good teams in our series, but in the end our Lions proved to be Campioni again for the 5th time. This season it was vital for us to win the league in order to be able to go back to div 2. It's always an honour to be playing with so many good teams in div 2.

Meanwhile our strikers Bombeiro and Calleja won the top scorers award with 11 goals each.

Well done Lions !

New signings for Campioni FC 09-08-2008 
This week there were some major changes in our squad. We made some long term investments. New Gk Bruno Bertani replaced Potiguar. Bruno is the most expensive player that have been signed by our club. Also ex-Panda Dean Pace has signed for us to strengthen our defense. He replaced Prieto and was given the number 6.
Also Andrew Casha replaced W.Gaffiero as our backup keeper. Youngsters Leonard Galdes, van Aggelen & Sean Barbara replaced Andersson and Bonello.
Goodluck to all the new Lions!
The Roar of the Lions! 09-06-2008 
The 2nd half was half through and division 3 was appearing to be so near. But in the 65 min, Bombeiro began the famous comeback. It was 2-2 till the 90 min. Then everything happened in the last minute. Goals from Brown and Calleja sealed the score for a memorable comback win of 4-2 against ambitious Siggiewi. Our Gk aka "The Thermos" was injured in the last min too! But the mission was accomplished, and next season we'll play again in divsion 2 for the 2nd consecutive season.

Well done Lions!

End of season

Now it's time to take some rest before the beginning of the new season. In this season there were some major changes in the team players. Carlo Grillo and Mark Kjellquist both left our squad. At 30 years old, Kjellquist needed a new challenge in his career and to replace him, we signed dutch star Uly Woortman as a long term investment. Midfielder Niculita also joined the squad to provide a valid backup in the midfield. Youngsters Axisa, Bonello (aka Bunell) and Farrugia completed the squad.
Another Defeat 31-03-2008 
Following the other unlucky home defeat, yesterday we lost again in a one sided game. It seems that division 2 is now showing its strength and we'll have to work hard if we are to survive this series.

In the cup we managed to win 3-1 against Valletta and advanced to the 6th round. Now we face The Koppers. Come on Lions!
5 goals from Bombeiro lead our Lions to victory 16-03-2008 
5 goals from brazilian striker Guido Bombeiro helped the Lions of Campioni FC to obtain a very important win agains the rival lions. We didn t expect to win with such a high score against an ex-premier team but tonight Bomberio proved his worth with a high class performance and this made the difference.

This year our main objective is to stay in division 2. We are really proud of our team's performance. Our team is undefeated for 15 competitive games. We'll try to make it 16 next wednesday...
Mekking is the new coach 22-02-2008 
Today Campioni FC announced that captain Martinus Mekking was appointed as the new coach for our Lions. Previously Mekking acted as an assistant coach and worked together with former coach Wagner. Now it is time for him to take the main role. He will lead our Lions directly from the pitch as he will continue to perform his duties as a defender too.

We thank Wagner for his great achievment with our club after leading us to 2 league titles.

Goodluck Mekking for your new challenge!
Champions and Promotion to division 2 ! 11-02-2008 
Following last season's defeat in the qualification, our main objective this season was to win direct promotion to div 2. It was no easy task because we faced tough challenge from several teams in our series. But we achieved our ambition without any defeat.

We only needed a draw in our last match, but a goal from Grillo secured a 1-0 win and a direct promotion to series II.4 . This is the fourth title in our history, and the second experience in div 2. Well done Lions !!

"Il-Varta" joins the Lions 03-01-2008 
Campioni FC registered their biggest ever transfer deal today. Riku Virta better known as Il-Varta, signed today for the Lions and was given the number 2 shirt. After much speculation from the media, our club is pleased to sign this great defender. This signing was needed to strengthen our defence and also to replace Clayton Fenech who had left the club.
We hope that with this new talent we'll be in a better position to retain our league title and maybe being promoted...

Also the club announced that Peter Woods, who was brought up from our youth nursery, has joined a foreign club. We thank both him and Fenech for their services and wish them luck with their new squads.
Campioni !!! 22-10-2007 
Yesterday's big game, which would decide who will win the league ended with a splendid performance from our Lions in a 3-0 win against Go Bahh. It was not an easy task to win that game but goals from van Basten, Kjellquist, and De Piro enabled us to win the title for the 3rd time.
Winning the most difficult series of div 3 was not easy and we are simply proud of what our Lions did.

Now we face Dairing in the qualification match for promotion. We know that it's difficult but we'll do our best.

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