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Here we go again! 08-08-2006 
Everything is ready for the new tough season in div III.8. The new kits along with the new players have been officially presented. Team photos are available in our new refurbished website.
Also next week Wagner will replace Bankaru as our new player manager. Next Wednesday will be Bankaru's last match with us as a coach against Pandas! Everyone is waiting for this match even if it is just a friendly. Our Lions are eager to meet the III.1 veterans Pandas. Memories...

Another win against Kinetic ! 10-07-2006 
Goals from Cordina, Bombeiro and Calleja enabled us to obtain another win against Kinetic. This was the second win against this team this season. We are simply delighted! Winning against both Kinetic and Qawra surely means something... We are not here by mistake. Even after this win, we are still aware that division 3 awaits us but we shall exit this series with honour.
This will be our last press announcement this season until the pre-season so that we'll concentrate on the last few matches.
Campioni FC win against Qawra! 03-07-2006 
Yesterday Campioni FC showed that we are able to give a hard time even to a mighty squad such as Qawra. It was a very hard match for us. In fact Qawra showed their strength throughout the whole match forcing our hero Sascaro to fantastic saves. But we held on and came out with a fantastic win. Regarding our position it will not change anything but at least we shall exit this series with at least 2 fantastic wins against both Kinetic and Qawra. As usual our Lions will fight till the end...

Also we would like to thank Govann (Qawra manager) for his sincere congratulations. His sportivity was highlighted when after the match he was seen shaking hands with his former ex-youthpull Carlo Calleja.

A new number 10 for Campioni FC 29-05-2006 
This weekend our club officially presented our new big signing russian Dmitry Mikhailov. He replaced Osten Tullstrom who asked to leave for a new challenge.
The fans gathered outside the Campioni's club to give a pleasant welcome to the red haired russian. Thanks Osten and goodluck Dmitry.

Meanwhile yesterday we suffered a defeat at the hands of mighty Qawra. It was no game for us as Qawra dominated the entire game. Also last wednesday we were knocked out of the cup with a disappointing defeat against a lower rated team. Unfortunately there seems to be no hope for us this season...
Great win against Kinetic ! 22-05-2006 
Yesterday we tasted some of the past glorious moments with a tremendous 4-1 against the ambitious Kinetic! It was a great performance from all our players which resulted in a surprise win for us. Surely no one expected this result but this proved that Campioni will fight till the end. Although we got our first 3 points of the season, we know that we got to keep our feet to the ground because surviving in this series is another thing. We will do our best and honour every match.

Our next league match is against mighty Qawra United. About 2 seasons ago, it was just a dream that someday we will face this team in the same league! Next sunday we will be at Qawra United Arena. We know that it will be a very difficult match for us but seeing yesterday's result we must believe that in football everything can happen. For sure we won t give up too easily...

Also this will be a special game for the ex-Qawra youthpull Carlo Calleja. He already stated that if he scores he will not celebrate in respect of his former club. But he assured us that he will give his utmost to prove his worth. He is expected to start the game alsongside captain Deidun but a final decision will be taken later on. A bonus is ready for Calleja if he scores next sunday...
The manager is back! 15-05-2006 
With enthusiasm, the board would like to announce that the difficult moments for the manager have passed, and now is all back to normal.
When interviewed the manager said that it was very difficult to gain promotion to Div 2, despite all the difficulties and merit goes to all players.
Unfortunately for us, things are going bad this season and it seems that next season we'll return to div 3. We will take this season as an experience with high class teams and try to re-build a competitive squad.
Finally a new set of match kits were officially presented and also work on El Campeador Arena has already started. About 10,000 seats are going to be added to our fantastic Arena!
Difficult moment for our manager... 20-02-2006 
Yesterday we fought bravely and obtaind another important 3 points. The match ended 3-1 for us.

Despite this victory, the board would like to announce that the manager of Campioni FC is passing through a very difficult moment and may be away from his team for some time. This was a shock news for our fans. The manager will do his best to keep contact with the team when possible. Hope that our Campioni won t suffer a sudden collapse. It was all going well and now our future is so uncertain...
Another win for Campioni FC 13-02-2006 
Campioni FC did not take the win for granted yesterday, and fielded a strong squad to obtain the 3 points. Diavoli did their best, but our determined Lions proved too strong for them. It ended 5-2 for us with goals coming from 5 different players, including Calleja and Deidun.

The board would like to announce that El Campeador Arena has been expanded and refurbished.

Also, Jussi Korvenpaa left us & went to play abroad. He was replaced by the signing of cool technical player Pedro Delgado.
The Lions did it again! 06-02-2006 
From yesterday's match, we expected no less than a victory and our Lions answered bravely with a convincing 4-1 win. It was not a one-sided game though, and merit goes to the opposite team for giving us a good match especially in the first half. But it seems that the half time speech in our dressing left a positive and effective result on our players...

Meanwhile the board announced that experienced Balliet was transferred abroad. Maltese youth Alan Schiavone took his place among the Lions.
Back on track 30-01-2006 
In the cup match our Lions fought bravely but lost 3-2 against highly rated Eleven.

The classic big match against Pandas on sunday ended 3-0 for us! Calleja, Deidun and Wagner scored the 3 goals which gave us a good victory & left us topping the league table alone.

The match report began with these words : "Underestimation of the opposition made Campioni players perform way below their normal capacity..." In the half time the manager was seen rushing angrily to our dressing room...
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