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First Defeat of the Season 23-01-2006 
Despite winning a very important match in the cup, our team was unable to keep the winning run, and finally we lost our first match of this season. The manager said that he accepted the responsibility for this defeat and he's sure that from next sunday things will be better for us. After all we're still First! Come on Greens!!

Now we face two important matches - the first 1 in the cup is almost impossible but we'll give it a try. But on Sunday we must regain our winning form against Pandas!

Meanwhile the board of Campioni FC announced that following the sale of Bailey, Besler has signed for us. We hope that with the help of this swiss Lion, we'll be able to retain our league title. Welcome Besler! Also our stadium is currently being refurbished and expanded. The project is expected to be ready in February.
Marching on 16-01-2006 
In the cup match our Lions managed to obtain an away win which enabled us to advance to the 3rd round for the first time in our club history.

As regards the league, an important goal from Thomas Briffa was enough to secure the 3 points although we missed several chances.

To add some more pleasant news, the club has announced the promoted youthpull for this week - Super Gerrard Bailey! The club will decide the future of this U20 hot prospect soon! Another great offspring from our Lions!
Excellent start for Campioni FC 09-01-2006 
Deidun scored our first goal of the season in a 5-0 win in the cup match. It was important for us to start the season with a win.

In the league big match, much was expected from our Lions. Following the heavy defeat of last season and all the heavy critics, no other result than a convincing win would satisfy us. It ended with a 5-0 for us. I think that this result showed the true picture of our strength. But now we have to keep concentrated and no comment or provocation will distract us!
CAMPIONI SIAMO NOI...!! 12-12-2005 
With a great performance from all our players, yesterday we managed to win 6-1 and were crownd CAMPIONI !!! Calleja once again proved deadly on the front while Farrugia made his official debut with us. Meanwhile our captain Deidun was given the top-scorer award! We would like to congratulate him for his successful season. With his goals, he helped us win the league. You made us proud Deidun!
As we said earlier, we kept our promise and instead of talking in vain and trying to provoke our oppenents (as someone else did), we answered back with great performances during the last games and finally our dream comes true:


Enough is enough...! 21-11-2005 
Following yesterday's incredible defeat, the board of Campioni FC has issued an official statement saying that our club members will be unavailable for any comments to the press.
Enough is enough and we cannot tolerate more results such as yesterday's. Can someone please explain to us such result? Surely we were no less than our oppenents.

Our silence and the performances on the field will be our replies to those who criticise us.
Marching on... 14-11-2005 
Yesterday's match resulted in another important win for Campioni FC. We took another step towards the championship. As usual Deidun proved to be our strong point with another 2 goals. Youngster Laiho scored the other 2 goals for a final 4-0 win for us.

Now we face Balzan in the next sunday big match. This will be a very important match, although the road to the title is still open and long.
Good answer from our Lions 07-11-2005 
After last week's defeat, as our manager promised, Campioni FC took revenge upon our opponents and won the second match. This was an important and difficult win. "We found it a difficult task to beat this team and thus they merit our congartulations," said our manager. It was important to begin the 2nd round with a win because the road to the championship is still long and difficult.
Meanwhile we would like to thank our former player Kaca. He needed a new challenge and went to play in Italy.
Where are the Lions? 31-10-2005 
Yesterday's defeat left our manager disappointed : "We must analyse what went wrong and go out for a revenge. We cannot win against the big teams and lose against smaller ones. In this match we created no chances and lost possession battle also. We just simply cannot lose points like that anymore or else we should forget the promotion! Now it's very important to recover from this defeat as soon as possible to avoid any drop in the team moral. Our Lions won t be tamed!"
The Lions roared while Manuel signs for Campioni FC ! 24-10-2005 
A hattrick from Deidun and a magnificent performance from our team resulted in a brilliant win for us. Also Conrad Cordina scored on his debut. The manager said that he was quite surprised by the 8-0 win, although we expected no less than a win! Now the promotion is a realistic target. We must concentrate until the end to reach our difficult target.
Meanwhile, Manuel Farrugia has signed for Campioni FC. Ironically our team Manager has the same name and surname and only one player has that name in hattrick, and now has signed with us!
Deidun shows his skills! 17-10-2005 
4 goals from our captain Deidun helped our team to obtain a very important win against one of the strongest teams in our league. The manager congratulated our team for the victory. Now we have a very important match in which we must show determination and strength if we want to win. We believe that we have the ability to beat our rivals and we want to prove it on the pitch. The lions are roaring!!!

Meanwhile the board today announced the signing of Conrad Cordina for Campioni FC. He will lead our midfield together with Osten. Our fans are simply delighted!!
Also we would like to thank J.Frijters for his important service at our club. It was time for him to change squad, following the signing of Osten and Conrad. Goodluck Frijters!
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