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Goleada for Campioni FC! 10-10-2005 
A brilliant performance by our players resulted in a 6-1 victory. Following the harsh criticism of the 6-0 defeat, our team responded with a 2-1 win over pandas and 6-1 win over constitutionals which both are strong teams. Yesterday Osten(who also scored) and Reiner had their debuts which resulted in an excellent win for us. Also Ron, the ex-Pinetina player, scored another goal (scored in every match). We are very happy with the way our latest signings are performing. The manager said that this win will give us a boost in our moral although we have to face other strong teams, and so we have to keep concentrated. This season is very tough but we believe that we have a good squad and hope to place in a good position.
Lions beat the Pandas again!! 03-10-2005 
It seems like a derby or something, but when our Lions face the Pandas it seems like Milan - Inter...(everyone knows the winner)! A goal from Ron and Kaca gave Campioni FC an important win. We would like to congratulate Pandas for their efforts. Now we face another important match.

The board would like to announce that Eric and Cassia signed for 2 foreign clubs. Meanwhile the board is pleased to announce that Osten has signed for Campioni FC for a record club fee and was given the number 10 responsibility. Reiner also signed for us today. This was a very important week for us regarding the transfer market. We have sold two good youthpulls and invested the finance in two other young but more experienced players- a swede and a german. Welcome Osten and Reiner!
Disastrous defeat... but a great youthpull 26-09-2005 
Yesterday our team suffered the biggest ever defeat. The manager said that he will analyse what went so bad and try to improve our game in our next match against Pandas which will surely try to seek revenge for their defeats against us. It won t be easy, but we will do our best.

Meanwhile the board announced our best ever youthpull Eric. His position at the club will soon be decided.
Good league start for Campioni FC 20-09-2005 
A positive reaction from Campioni FC after our cup defeat, allowed us to start the league campaign with a 4-1 victory. As usual our captain Deidun proved his worth with two goals. Praise was given to the players after the harsh treatment following the cup defeat. Now we must stay focused on the league. Forza Campioni FC!
Surprise defeat 15-09-2005 
It seems to be a difficult season ahead for Campioni FC. After the first match, against a lower rated team, out team was knocked out from the cup. Although we managed to obtain a higher possession rate, we were not able to pass our first round match cup. The manager expressed his anger and disappointment with his players and changes are expected immediately.
Bankaru appointed new coach 12-09-2005 
Today, Campioni FC appointed the englishman Bankaru as our new coach. Our captain Deidun said that everyone is looking forward to work under Bankaru. While thanking our previous coach for his good job, we wish success to our new coach Bankaru.
Beside that, the board inaugurated our new refurbished stadium - El Campeador Arena.
Finally some player transfers were announced.
Let's honour our team name!
3rd place for Campioni FC 30-08-2005 
2 great consecutive wins were not enough for our team to overcome the 1 point difference between us and the 2nd placed team. But in general, the manager considers this season to be positive. While consolidating our position in the 3rd division, we also managed to expand our stadium and strenghten our team. Now the players will get some rest, before beginning our preperations for the next season.
9-0 win for Campioni FC ! 22-08-2005 
A fantastic performance from our team resulted in a memorable 9-0 win. Deidun and Frijters proved their skills by scoring a hattrick each. It was a one sided game in which our team dominated and showed our strength.
While enjoying our good moment, the manager asks for concentration in our last match to avoid any unpleasant surprises. No less than a win will satisfy our team in our last match.
Campioni FC rise again 16-08-2005 
Two goals from Galea Testaferrata and Frijters were enough to beat our rivals and place in a good league position. The manager said that he was pleased with the positive reaction of his team and this win enable us to challenge for the second place. Campioni FC also would like to thank all those who gave us their support in our difficult moments.
Now, maximum concentration will be held not to allow any unpleasant surprises for us. Our aim is to place second, but a third place won t be too bad.
Campioni FC in difficulty 08-08-2005 
2 goals from Deidun, were not enough to obtain an important win yesterday. Now we have dropped to a poor 5th place. The manager said that he is disappointed with his team performance and if he does not see a positive reaction in our last 3 matches, he will be ringing changes in the squad. But as usual, we are confident that our team fightining spirit will help us achieve a respectable league position. Supporters are urged to help our team with their support in this difficult moment.
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