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Dropped to fourth place 01-08-2005 

Following yesterday's defeat, Campioni FC dropped to 4th place. It was a critical match which our team failed to convert into an important win. After the team went 1-0 up, they lost concentration and allowed our opponents to score 4 times.
Then there was a good reaction which resulted in two goals for us to make the final score 4-3. Now, our team must concentrate on our next matches to place as high as possible in our league.
Mighty lions show their strength 24-07-2005 
Today Campioni FC showed what their team name really means by beating for the second time the highly rated Pandas with a 4-0 score. Deidun proved once again why he deserves to be our captain...He always leads our team with great pride and honour.
The Manager said that he is delighted with this win, and he was expecting a positive reaction following our recent results. He praised our rivals for their courage shown but once again our captain Deidun proved his scoring skills!

Campioni FC also announced that work has begun on our stadium to increase its capacity by a good amount. The board is hoping that our refurbished stadium will be ready for our next home league game.
Rijkaard signs for Campioni FC! 13-07-2005 
The manager today morning presented the new signing Rijkaard. He said that he is looking forward to meet Van Basten and Gullit whom already form part of the Campioni FC squad.
Beside Rijkaard several other new faces arrived. As a result, other extra players will be listed for sale to balance the squad.
Deidun the saviour! 11-07-2005 
An excellent performance by our captain Derrick Deidun helped Campioni to a fantastic comeback yesterday. From two goals down, Deidun lead our players with honour to draw the game. The fighting spirit was shown again yesterday. The manager said he was very pleased with his team performance but was furious with L.Stav for his attitude which cost him the red card and allow us to concede a goal.
As a result of unsporsmanship behavoiur, Stav will not form part of our squad any more and will be listed for sale today. A replacement of him has already signed for our club. This will show that Campioni FC support fair play and does not tollerate any malicious or violent behaviour both inside and outside the stadium.
Campioni FC will be seeking a win next sunday against yellows.
Supporter for Campioni FC 06-07-2005 
Today Campioni FC presented their new kit set with the green and yellow colours. Also the headquarters of Campioni FC was upgraded to allow better management of our team. The manager would like to thank Mr Xerri of Pinetina for his help with this upgrade and in return our club offered to support Pinetina.
Meanwhile our manager would like to invite interested clubs to come and become official supporters of our club.
The Lions ate the Pandas! 04-07-2005 
Campioni FC demonstrated their authority yesterday by coming from two goals behind to beat Pandemonju with a 5-3 score. Jeroen Frijters's experience proved fatal for the Pandas. Mr Farrugia expressed his satisfaction with the last two wins and would like to congratulate his players. He said that the fighting spirit for which Campioni FC are known to play with, has been our main weapon against Pandas. He also stressed out the need to keep focused and concentrated. The manager also praised Giulio's Pandas for their attitude after this great match. No violence was reported outside the stadium and although these are two rival clubs, fair play dominated throughout the match.
1st place after another fantastic win 27-06-2005 
In an brilliant atmosphere with a record crowd number at Campioni FC Arena, Campioni FC managed to obtain a great win and obtain a shared first place spot in our domestic league. Mr Farrugia said that he was delighted with this result. He also encouraged his players to keep their feet on the ground and concentrate on our next big match against Pandemonju.

The manager also announced that there will be a small upgrade of our stadium. Although this is only a small improvement, every little helps and now one will find some VIP seats too. The work is likely to be finished for our next home league match. Supporters are invited to show their appreciation to this, by increasing their crowd numbers to the stadium. Their economic and moral support is vital for the team.
Campioni FC beat the ex-campioni! 21-06-2005 
Two goals from Frijters and another one from Kaca were enough to beat the last season's champions Viola. It was clear that this season Viola were not the same contenders as last year and Campioni FC were able to revenge last season's defeat. It was a good performance and the manager said that he was happy with the win. Now we must face the top two teams in our league.

Today Campioni FC presented their new signing David Baur. The manager said that he is confident that the experience of this player will give us a boost in the midfield. His debut is expected next sunday.
Van Basten and 2 other youths sign for Campioni FC! 16-06-2005 
Today Campioni FC issued an official statement announcing that several players have been sold. This was the reaction for a string of recent unsatisfactory results for Campioni FC. The manager is now looking to build a squad for long term. To add squad depth , 3 new players were acquired. These 3 signings are all youths, thus showing that young talent is needed at Campioni FC. One of these is Van Basten...! Now Campioni FC got Gullit and Van Basten...maybe Rijkaard is on the way?! :)
First league defeat for Campioni FC 13-06-2005 
Yesterday Campioni FC suffered their first defeat in the domestic league. It was an exciting match but finally our team conceded two deadly goals to suffer the first defeat with a 4-2 score. Mr Farrugia said that he was not satisfied with his team performance and wants to see more consistency in our results. Our next league match is against former league champions. Much concentration will be needed to beat this team, but we will do our best.
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