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Top league goals
Nejc Miku?4
Luka Lopi?3
Ale? Dornig3
Stefan Aksentijevi?2
Mulla Taresh2
Matija Ku?ar2
Anej Hacin2
Niccolò Luly1
Facundo Busaniche1
Brett Benoit1

Top cup goals
Niccolò Luly5
Luka Lopi?4
Lovro Marki?4
Anej Hacin4
Stefan Aksentijevi?3
Nejc Miku?3
Matija Ku?ar3
Facundo Busaniche2
Egon Starova?nik2
Abdelrafour Dolami2

Top season goals
Nejc Miku?7
Luka Lopi?7
Niccolò Luly6
Anej Hacin6
Stefan Aksentijevi?5
Matija Ku?ar5
Lovro Marki?4
Ale? Dornig4
Mulla Taresh3
Facundo Busaniche3

Top career goals
Metod 'Mister' Ru?ni?132
Abdelrafour Dolami119
Dalibor Duki?83
Niccolò Luly81
Mulla Taresh81
Ale? Dornig78
Egon Starova?nik74
Nejc Miku?68
Brett Benoit65
Stefan Aksentijevi?54