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C L U B - H I S T O R Y

Cf Keijas ( Club Football Keijas ) was founded on the 28th January 2004. It stays with this name for 8 seasons. They were placed on VI.636 where they bravely stayed for seven long seasons. It started with high hopes when they finished 2nd on their first season. Then the VI.636 became more dificult and demanding for cf keijas, therefore their league perfomance became worst, and they never fight for top positions. Between second and sixth seasons they usually finished above relegation zone. Unfortunally, on the seventh season they weren’t capable to handle the pression, droping on the 7th position, just three points from salvation.
Sentenced to the VII.415, they finished middle of the table (4th), with some good results. At the end, a good, normal and peacefull season.

The first CF Keijas game was against Papa-bofias on the 28th of January 2004.
CF Keijas won by 2 : 1 with this team: Azevedo - Cabral, Lopes, Aires, Pestana - Moreira, Barão, Monteiro, Camacho - Esteves, Gaiato.The goals were from Paulo Sérgio Moreira (winger) on 17th minute and Marco Gaiato (striker) on the 77th minute.

The first home game was against Oeiras on the 31th January 2004.With 6635 spect. on the CF Keijas Arena, the game finish with a 0 : 3 defeat.

After that, Cf Keijas became Footnunu Club, bringing an “open fresh” aproach to the game. Still in the VII division, they have a new ground (The npdesign Den), new logo and lots of ambition , so, the future of Footnunu Club seems very bright !!

First game was on the TheDen against Al-Saed.Only 790 spect. went to see a very entertaining match wich ended 4 : 3 for Footnunu after they were 0 : 3 behind.
The team was:Jansson - Patrício, Jorba, Dandy - Cabral, Dean, Vallberga, Zwikkers, Goes - Ardoino, Ramírez. The scorers were Zwikkers (36), Patricio (41), Ramierz (47) and Dean (67).