Hattrick-addiction since 10.9.2006 (4/30). 27.06.2019 02:01
   Helsingin Jalkapallojoukkue HJJ Helsinki  

27.06.2019 02:01


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Hattrick-addiction since 10.9.2006 (4/30).


The Temple of the King

Belongs to: Helsingin Jalkapallojoukkue
Last improvement: 18.4.2014

Total capacity: 75084
Terraces: 43549
Basic seating: 17795
Seats under roof: 11863
Seats in VIP boxes: 1877
Cutting pattrern: Labyrinth
Measures: 105 m 68 m (7140 m2)

Youth stadium
Belongs to: Helsingin Jalkapallojoukkue B
Stadium: Osinski
Total capacity: 300