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   Result:  Mysterious Wind FC - Human United  7 - 6  Next Match:  2012-10-28 05:00 CET  Human United - ReDeviL UniteD  
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26  /  04  /  2018
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League Match: Human United celebrates New Year with an impressive wins against Philandering Philosophers. 01/01/2012 11:52:07 
Human United played against Philandering Philosophers in a 72000 seats expanded arena for the first time in the day of New Year.

The players deserve credit as they manage to defeat the bot team Philandering Philosophers 9-0. Sivaloganathan Ansari, Ang Kian Min, Wong Yi Leng (2), Tong Long Aik, Uddiran Jain, Yetiş Yaşmuk (2), Gito Mukhlis all are in scoresheet.

Sivaloganathan Ansari has his debut goal for Human United in his second match for the club.

By the way, is still the team to beat as they comfortablely overcome warikh fc 5-0. While Mee Goreng Kota Kinabalu lose to Shalion 2-1 and SC PETRON hammered Butterfly Effect 6-0 in other sides.
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Cup Match: Human United Ended Run In Their First Ever Round 6 Piala Malaysia 29/04/2011 04:25:16 
Human United is historically qualified round 6 Piala Malaysia where they lose to Junwei which is lead by GM-Wrenwin. Coincidentally Human United was humilated by another GM's team which is Kota Damansara last season.

Human United was unlucky defeated in penalty shoot-out but their manager admit that the result was fair and satisfying so far. Human United's fans were never let down and they are still at "high on life". Still have another 2 fans were joining the members after the defeat. (First ever after a long long time).

Previously, Human United was successfully won against 2 strong opponents which are former IV.42 champion stanleylua and mighty The Roman Revolution. The full match list are as follow:

Round 1 HSJ United - Human United 1 - 10
Round 2 amirida FC - Human United 0 - 5
Round 3 FC LAIHS - Human United 0 - 5
Round 4 Human United - stanleylua 2 - 0
Round 5 Human United - The Roman Revolution 1 - 1( Pen 4 - 3 )
Round 6 Human United - Junwei 1 - 1 ( Pen 4 - 5 )

Human United is now back to concentrate their league match. They must beat NaOH before to claim their 4th and most probably the last Division IV Champion.
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Club News: Key players Mark Stanfield and Jonathan Ariel Corti have left the club. 26/03/2011 04:22:15 
Mark Stanfield has regarded one of the finest midfielder in club history and transferred to FC SMU after 76 appearances in 4 seasons with Human United. The best ever rated forward in club Jonathan Ariel Corti is transferred to Gedania after scoring 26 goals in 27 appearances. Including Koo Min De and Lee Woon Dong who have left earlier, Human United has almost RM40,000,000 ($10,000,000) in hand to make transfer for new players.

Young talents Atanas Kostov and Yetiş Yaşmuk has finally signed and joined the club. Their performance on their debut is fantastic. Both scored on their debut won over bot team HSJ United 10 – 1 with 1 and 2 goals respectively. They are highly expected by club manager and fans especially Yetiş Yaşmuk who is a born leader and skill player.
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Club News: Human United Crowned Champion 26/03/2011 03:44:12 
Human United defeated series leader Ch4o5 United 1 - 0 and overtook them as the Series IV.42 Champion once again on the last league match. Human United earned a qualifying match with FC DaCruise who has won the match with 2 - 0 later.

According to Human United’s manager, they are not yet ready to promote to series III especially Series III.12 which is considered one of the toughest in Series III. He praises FC DaCruise who is better team and deserved the win.

Human United’s manager reveals that his team is currently re-building. He will sell-off some of key players and refreshing with new bloods.

Stay tune for breaking news….
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Club News: Human United is runner-up 03/12/2010 08:50:25 
Human United has failed to reclaim their title this season. The Red Liverpool beat Human United twice this season and they are no doubt the strongest team in the league.
The following is summary result for Human United:

Week 10: unknown united : Human United 0-6
Week 11: Human United: Terengganu Panther 9-0
Week 12: Melaka Vipers: Human United 0-6
Week 13: Human United: NaOH 5-0
Week 14: The Red Liverpool : Human United 2-0

The Red Liverpool was deserved to be league champion as they won all the gams in season 30. They will be replaced by Div III Ch4o5 United whose is coming down from Malaysia hardest division III. They definately will be title contestant next season.

Both bot teams Selangor Oilers & Terengganu Panthers relegate and replace by Kelab Bolasepak Kelate (human team) & Kelantan Gibbons (bot team). unknown united (human team) & Melaka Vipers won in qualify match and remain at Division IV.42.

Although Human United retain title without successful, they have pretty of nice moments and a most wonderful season so far according to Human United's manager.

Congratulation to The Red Liverpool and not forget to welcome Ch4o5 United & Kelab Bolasepak Kelate to Division IV.42.

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League Match: Human United outclassed Selangor Oilers by winning 7-1 13/10/2010 05:25:32 
Human United's striker Cezar Negrut earned his 3rd hat-trick for his club and total 12 in his career before substitued at 78 minutes due to his injury. While Wong Jin Hui prolonged club's goal record by scoring a goal and Keld Vidriksen added another one. New signing striker Jonathan Ariel Corti continued to shine as he scored 2 goals in the match.

The Red Liverpool continued their fantastic run by winning another bot team Melaka Vipers 7-0. NaOH wonderfully beat bot team Terengganu Panthers 6-0.

White Caps Football Academy bounced back immediately after 2 continuously defeats to Human United and incredibility won over unknown united 7-0.

No doubt, unknown united against Human United next week will be a highlight.
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League Match: Human United cruise 03/10/2010 19:57:20 
Human United enjoyed a 3-0 victory over White Caps Football Academy away courtesy of goals from Teo Heng Yew and Cezar Negrut (2), while The Red Liverpool continue their mavellous scoring ability by winning bot team Selangor Oilers 9-0.

unknown united unable to prevent another defeat to NaOH. This time, they lost 1-4 to their rival. However, the most amazing result this week is belong to bot team Melaka Vipers where they won their match over another bot team Terengganu Panthers.

The Red Liverpool strengthens their pole position by creating another +6 goals difference into total +8 compare to Human United. However, Human United is happy to edge past strong opponent White Caps Football Academy by winning them 3-0 twice this season. The Red Liverpool is the only leave to conquer...
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League Match: Jonathan Ariel Corti scored twice in his debut 29/09/2010 10:53:08 
Human United was successfully defeat the White Caps Football Academy. Cezar Negrut continue to shine as he scored an opening goal with his free kick. It is the 100th career goal for Cezar Negrut. However, Jonathan Ariel Corti became focus as he scored another 2 goals in his first match for Human United. The final score is 3-0.

Meanwhile, the unstoppable The Red Liverpool won their match against bot team Selangor Oilers 8-1. Their goal difference surpass Human United with +2 goals. The Red Liverpool has greatest ever chances to claim league title this season.

NaOH surprisingly beat unknown united 5-0 in another human teams match.

Human United lost their only keeper Abd Aziz bin Tuan Shaari after the match. It will be tough as they have to against White Caps Football Academy in coming league match.

Edit: After midweek friendly match, Human United lost their another player Koo Min De. Both of them played important role in Human United's defence.
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Club News: Departure of a star to make path to 2 stars arrival 29/09/2010 10:29:02 
Sadly announce that our hero mythical goalie Franco Cabellero had left us and transfered to Poland after 52 competition apperances and 4 seasons with us. He is the best trainee we have in this club according to Human United's manager. Franco Cabellero had been with Human United since his 17 year old and 13 days. He has excellent goalkeeping skill while joining us and almost selected as a Argentina U-20 NT player.

In fact, his departure is necessary for club's future development. The manager is always looking opportunity to strengthen squad especially in attacking and playmaking.

Franco Cabellero's 28,000,000 MYR (7,000,000 EUR) transfer fee allowed Human United to make transfer for 2 great players 26,112,000 MYR (6,528,000 EUR) Eca Castical and 16,000,000 MYR (4,000,000 EUR) Jonathan Ariel Corti.

The manager strongly believes that the 2 South American new players Eca Castical (Brazil) and Jonathan Ariel Corti (Argentina) will shine and perfectly fill the lack of this club. Hopefully their arrival will help Human United claim their 3rd Div IV League Title.
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League Match: Cezar Negrut brace as Human United won 6-0 23/09/2010 22:59:14 
Hat-trick hero Cezar Negrut handed Human United a easy win over bot team Selangor Oilers. Other scorers are Foo Yun Chang, Spiros Mpaltsakis and Mark Stanfield.

The Red Liverpool increase their chances to bag league title by winning 5-0 against Melaka Vipers. Both White Caps Football Academy and NaOH overcome their opponents unknown united and Terengganu Panthers with 2-0 and 3-1.

League match against White Caps Football Academy by next 2 weeks is expected a tough match for Human United. Let see what will happen to Human United then...
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