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Halfway Of The Season Coming Up 12/11/2016 17:10:57 

Structure of the team has come to a pretty decent form. Original 3-5-2 form has been changed to 3-4-3 form for this particular match as we have 3 strong attackers wanting to score like hell. Austrian Stefan Ulrich is the latest addition to the team. Very skilled midfielder who has superb passing skills. We're waiting for him to make great goal chances for our scorers.

Goal for the rest of the season has been decided. 1-3 positions are obviously out of the question so we are very satisfied if our team manages to climb to the 4th position till the end of the season. Next two games are particularly important for this objective.
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New site 05/10/2016 21:57:54 
A new site has been established for FC Linnainmaa.
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