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New Ross Getting a New Coach 2017-02-23 15:16:52 
New Ross Crusaders have recently signed a new coach after not the best season. New coach is from Estonia, but very strongly related to Ireland due to his roots. The new coach Ryan O'Keeffe has managed teams like Tartu JK Tammeka and Tartu FC Santos and Crusaders board believe he has enough experience to lead team into better league end.
Currently New Ross is holding 2nd place in its group, which is a good sign, and the new manager Mr O'Keeffe has already strengthened the lines with some star players like Scottish center back Robbie Sim and Italian playmaker and forward Carlo Follesa.

Ryan O'Keeffe also stated that the team needs young blood, therefore he took a great step and starting some scouting assignments for youth team New Ross FC. Good luck to him, and let's get cracking in the league!