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Champion! 2007-03-13 01:50:46 
Coach Elimelech: "Finally Onzin United FC became champion in division VI.515. It was a marvellous season, and only the second match was a loss against T-Rex who came in second place, after a sensational race for the first place, Onzin United decided this season in match 13 agains T-Rex, a 1-4 win. So 39 points, never was Onzin United better in a season in the 6th division. So the next challenge is to stay in the 5th division. I'm not sure if I will be willing to take part of this adventure, maybe it is better to give someone else a try. Maybe, but that's a story for another time. For now PARTY! PARTY PARTY! Fifth Division here we come! "
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Again a second place 2006-11-29 02:09:02 
Coach Elimelech: We wil continue where we ended our last season, namely the second place. This time it was e-creative who took the title and directly promoted themself to the fifth division. So now our new opponents are GDB, T Rex and zuiverepanna.

This time I hope we can reach the first place, so we have to sold Daniel Fahrian, and we wish him the best luck in Bulgaria, where he continues his career. And there was also a place where we found Stoyan Marinov who will be our 3rd defender. And we bought another reinforcement, a forward Piersandro Maass , and we hope both players play well for Onzin United .

That's it for today. I'm going back for training.
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How narrow can it be? 2006-07-30 22:54:47 
Coach Elimelech: "How narrow can you lose a championship? We finished second with 32 points, and you know what? FC Return also finished with 32 points. So let's take a look at the difference between the amount of goals. FC Return has an outstanding 40-7 resulting in +33 goals. Onzin United FC has a 42-10 record, so it's +32 goals...also outstanding but one goal less outstanding! Dammit I rest my case...it's the smallest possible case to lose a championship.
Next year I hope we can win a championship, we deserve it....

And also I want to congratulate FC Return with it's championship..."
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New Player 2006-02-11 01:00:36 
"Reinforcements, well Onzin United bought a new keeper. Thymen Couzy, with him we hope we can make a better change. It was a little bit desparate, our second keeper injured and our first keeper denying a lack of form, so we concluded he always plays that bad. So replacements has to be made, and we started with Thymen, for a replacement for Bas van Dommelen. Maybe there will be some more,but if Thymen is in a good shape. He is the best reinforcement of this season. We paid a the highest transfer bid, 1.809.000 euro. A lot of money, we hope he's worth it.": coach Elimelech.
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Highest Transferprice Received 2006-02-02 00:39:28 
Coach Elimelech: "Today Onzin United FC received the highest transferprice for a rising star. Our 17 aged-youthplayer Jerry de Klerk will be playing in Romania, we received for our outstanding striker 578.000 euro. So far the highest transfer, and all our debt of last season with our academy has been cleared. Even better there is a large profit, and that with still 12 weeks lasting this season. So this is a very good season."
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Great Victory 2006-01-29 22:25:46 
Coach Elimelech "Oh how outstanding! A 3-1 victory against FC Jamaica. We couldn't do it better, were on the second position, only Torpedo Geleen is ahead of us, but that doesn't matter. What does matter is that there will be development in this team and that we won't relegate. Both seems to happen so I am a satisfied man. The players desrevers more than compliments, what a great match."
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Adventure ends in the 3rd round 2006-01-19 14:25:12 
Coach Elimelech: "The Cupmatcehs ended for the first time in history in the 3rd round. The match against FC Lange Poten ended in 4-2. It is also the first time Onzin United did not lose at The Great Onzin Forum in the cup League Cup. So it is a pity but not a shame, FC Lange Poten was also a 6th division club with a very good midfield. And they played home, so it was not a surprise. It stayed close the whole match, both teams played well. I'm content with the team, and for now trainingmatches somewhere around. The first one will be in Malta at 25 january. Better chances next year."
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Amazing Surprising Start 2006-01-10 17:41:39 
Coach Elimelech: "Amazing! Amazing, I'm proud for Onzin United. Against FC Return we made an outstanding and surprisingly victory, 2-4. In their own stadium, we seems to be good at the start of the competition. Last year we took also a lot of points. Hopefully this year also, next sunday against Rosebutts they lead the competition at this very moment, but Onzin plays at home the Great Onzin Forum. That is an advantage I hope."
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First Round survived 2006-01-04 23:02:53 
"It seems logical, but it's not always that the favourite team will survive the first round. But with 1-6 against DeSidders there is nothing to argue about, Onzin United FC was the best, and the next round we will play in Rotterdam against FC Sakarya. I think we will beat also this opponent. But we will see next week." said coach Elimelech.
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Goals for the next season 2005-12-27 02:26:51 
Coach Elimelech: Hello, welcome everybody in this pressroom. I want to announce my goals for the next season. Or betters said, the goals of Onzin United FC. The first time for me to start as a coach at the beginning of a season. I enjoy being a coach and I hope it will work out next season.

First two players left the club. First Chen Jia-Rong and the other player was a more important player Engelbert Bergsma. Both players wanted to play more than they did this season. Something I can understand, so there was no other posibillity than to leave the club. Engelbert plays now in Belgium and Chen Jia found an adventerous land: China. We wish both players luck. The reinforcements are already bought and they arrive next training. Jans Voermans bought as defender in Spain, is a dutchman who understands the task of defending (we guess). And in Brazil we found Yaniv Jano, an Israelian striker, who will replace Engelbert.

Allright enough transferbullshit, the goals. I hope the goals will be good. Here they are:

1 Competition: In the competition we will play for the title, at least we hope so. I understand it will be very difficult, but we have to try, this season we didn't even expect to become second. So now we have to try.

2 Cup: Try to reach the fourth round, again the same as last season the fourth round should be able.

3 Youth: We have to try to make it succesful again, season 15 was good, but this season was incredible worse, so we have to hope on more succes.

4 Team: I hope we will get reinforcements. I'm looking for a better keeper. The strikers are very good. The defenders are already enough. And I hope we can get a better training, so some players must leave the club at the end of next season. And some very good talent should be bought to train. A very difficult task, but also able to achieve I think.

This is the end of this announcement.

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