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VII.728 league's halfway point - new leader 2018-06-06 14:48:18 

We have already played eight of the fourteen matches this league season. The VII.728 no longer presents the same situation as at the beginning of the season. The Gold Team team has taken the lead in the table and has the advantage of one point above SKS Paśnik. It happened because Beerchester sensationally drew with the Anglers. Moreover, STJSW is still chasing Paśnik's team and it gets really hot. There is still no clear prediction who will get promotion to the sixth league!

VII.728 - current results
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STJSW - SKS Paśnik (2:2) 2018-05-20 12:40:27 

With some problems, Paśnik team managed to draw in today's match 2-2. For a long time the guests were leading in this match, however, home team which had a constant advantage of having the ball did not give up. The situation was so interesting that with the result of 2-2 Paśnik did not undertake further fight for the win. The matter was highlighted by a serious organizational mistake, as a result of which all used player exchanges did not allow for changing the injured player at last. For this reason, The Anglers played in weakness and could therefore lose this game. Paśnik is still leading in the league table, but only with one-point advantage at the moment.

STJSW - SKS Paśnik
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⩐ Paśnik SuperCup starts! #2 2018-05-17 23:12:46 
Take a look at the next two teams in the tournament:

Olympiakos Kavalas 1993 (666702) - Last year's vice-champions of the Bulgarian league VI.305 with a great chance for the championship this season will start in their next friendly tournament. sonafets (8391188) from Greece can be very proud of his second team that is playing very good actually. It's hard to judge the team's result in this tournament, but do not worry - I'm sure a manager with 10 years of experience certainly has already devised the whole plan!
Stawny Klub Sportowy Paśnik (1828672) - The hosts of the tournament certainly feel pressure against their own viewers. Definitely the youngest team among the participants. The hosts of the tournament certainly feel pressure on their own ground. The youngest team among the participants, but in the hands of a manager with a long history in Hattrick. With this participation, bodzio_stawski (8448232) joins the fight for his first trophy with the Stawny Klub Sportowy Paśnik team!
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⩐ Paśnik SuperCup starts! #1 2018-05-17 19:17:03 
On 21/05/2018, the first edition of the "Puchar Paśnika" (PaśnikSuperCup 2018) begins. The aim of the tournament is to popularize (once again) the great region in which the club of popular "Anglers" was created. As you probably remember, for the first time SKS Paśnik appeared in Hattrick in 2008.

The teams from several European countries will compete in this cup. We will welcome guests from Italy, Romania and Bulgaria. Of course, as the last one there will be a Polish team as a host of the tournament. the tournament will take place in two stages. Winners of their semi-final pairs will play for a commemorative trophy.

The tournament will be attended by four invited teams, whose presentation is below:

PatiernoF.C. (238713) - Creating a good team in two calendar years is a big feat! _MrEli8_ shows that it's really possible. A team straight from sunny Italy will have a chance to show up his skills at the tournament, although I would not expect a pure Italian Catenaccio here. PatiernoF.C. he has no complexes and the team can score many goals. The team is very rejuvenated and with its freshness kills all stereotypes about football Italy!
Bayern_Munchen (696211) - The oldest team in the tournament! Manager Nokia3510i (3179750) became the coach of this club in 2005 and runs the club continuously to this day. He still has not betrayed which players from his squad will play on the tournament, however, it's his team that is pointed to the favorite of the cup. Despite the variable luck in the last matches for the stakes, the team is slowly starting to rebuild his form and maybe return to their level of "unattainability" for the others!

Next two teams info will available soon!
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PREVIEW | STJSW - SKS Pasnik 2018-05-14 13:54:16 

We have a local derby ahead of us. The teams will meet not only from the same region in the country, but from two neighboring cities. The team of Pasnik will definitely have a longer crossing, because the length between one city and the other is nothing compared to the distance that away team will have between his side on the pitch to the goal of the Imperium team. If you look only at the league table, you could possibly indicate that guests should be tipped as winners. However, it is no secret that in terms of the squads of both teams Paśnik looks very badly. And although last week this fact did not prejudge the fate of "The Anglers", this Sunday they should not count on a bit of luck at all.

STJSW - SKS Pasnik
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