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Hello! Now you are on the page that is not visible in the menu. This is the secret site with an important message. Below is an article about HT-Arena and building an own personality, published by me in Hattrick Press.

It's no secret that the HT-arena is slowly disappearing from the Hattrick world. It is also not a secret that the role of this CHPP website throws on the shoulders of the club owners a lot of challenge and responsibility. The most important is persistence, which lacked the most, and practically this was the main reason for thathigh "mortality" of subpages created for the clubs.

The number of pages in the HT-Arena was, as I observed ten years ago, always a fraction of the total number of players. At the moment all the ht-arena websites for clubs remained in the number of just over one hundred. Considering the modern role of Hattrick in the world of the Internet, it is unfortunately understandable, but it is possible very easily to solve out how this trend (and therefore the strict relation between Hattrick's popularity and the popularity of HT-Arena) is working.

From the very beginning, one of the assumptions of Hattrick's creators was that each user could get his own club, which he could rule in his own way and that he would fulfill of all his whims being it's manager, which would give him a nice substitute for governing a real football club. It was obvious, therefore, that there would be a multitude of clubs and that it would be impossible to remember everyone - especially since also in the real world, too, each of us knows only a limited number of authentic sports clubs. At the time when there were about one million active teams in the Hattrick world, learning even only team names of the first division of the own country was a huge task for many people. At that time, there were ten league divisions in my country. For example, a club from the seventh or sixth league was practically anonymous for the average user. And if he did not do anything to change it, but only give all his own energy to work for promotion to higher divisions, then the situation remained unchanged. Apart from this fact, there was a chance to popularize your club in a different way. Creation of your crest, home and away kits, stadium - these are factors that already give the club a soul in some way. At least in the first weeks of the game, until the Supporter disappears - but you never really know when your reconnaissance signs will return to Hattrick. It would seem, therefore, that HT-Arena is an ideal, free tool for almost total personalization of the club. But despite the CHPP license giving fast data download from Hattrick, the HT-Arena has not been fully used by our community.

What went wrong? Here are my assumptions:

1) Too much work - supplementing informations about our club each week is a torment for many people. Even after using the data download function from the game itself, most tables, numerical data must be processed appropriately by hand. So you can remember how many weeks there were when you had only the strength to set up a squad before a match - and nothing more.

2) Archaic and bizarre interface - at the very thought that even HTML can not be used in Ht-Arena, many of us were getting a fever. The only solution was to open the table with HT-Codes and... use the trial and error method. For this reason, many creators were losing their enthusiasm, and clubs' sites looked very various. Of course there were some artists who really wanted to get rid of the characteristic HT-Arena style from their websites at all costs. Everything, however, has its price and it took a long time to keep up with modern standards. Of course I think about the trends a few years ago - today's websites have a fresh look, unable to recreate in HT-Arena.

3) Interest from the community in the game - Maybe the most important thing on the list. Our creativity depends on the existence of potential recipients. As I mentioned, the popularity of clubs with low rank in national league system is relative. Creating even a logo for a club that will be memorable can be already a success, but not everyone can afford such a privilege. However, with a bit of talent and imagination, you can try to develop somehow your club's identity beyond Hattrick, but you should provide the right bridge between "our world" and the world of Hattrick. The whole identity of the club should be coherent and understandable for the potential recipient, because only this can be taken seriously. In other words - our club must look as good as a team from the real world. Sounds very scary, isn't it? But wait a moment - aren't we set up such a goal without the participation of HT-Arena or anything but Hattrick? Was not it the most important thing to feel like a real club manager as much as possible?

Now you can see the essence of the problem of maintaining the proper club identity in the game. In order for us to be a community, we must support each other and being interested in what's happening at the other users. Without such relationships, we will be only "thousands of lonely islands". But on the other hand, we need to build strong, coherent individuality for our club - then we will be visible and often visited by others.

I sincerely encourage you to develop our "empires" - both as managers and artists, and also urge you to return or the first tasting of the HT-Arena. I came back there :)