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SKS Pasnik - Gold Team Szczecin 2018-05-13 12:40:51 

"This match was definitely not what was expected" - such words should be used by the coach who, despite his great efforts and ambition, had to go through the taste of undeserved defeat. Here, however, the situation is quite different. It is rare for an inexperienced team to defeat a team that is many times stronger than a team - in a situation where the prize iz very high. Thanks to an unexpected (though perhaps intentional?) turn of the course events, Paśnik jumps into the leader's chair and is sure that he will keep it at least until next Sunday. Then the team will play the away match, which can significantly shorten the intentions of the current leader. And the appetite for the sixth league is still growing...

SKS Paśnik - Gold Team Szczecin
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