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2018-04-29 16:00
hindbo - Vagn FC

   Last match: Duimengito - Vagn FC 0 - 9 HT-ranking: 2852 @ Denmark  
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Choose Your colours.. 2018-04-20 18:08:30 
As time goes on and the designers on our website is working future ahead. Up comes a lot of choices to be made. And on this day I, the manager, selected the clubs colour. It was not as easy as picking the team, but according to the designers I did pretty good :-) And the 4 colours are green, red, white(hehe ups.. read white;-) and black..

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Cheers Vagn FC
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Alot of work to be done 2018-04-07 11:38:33 
We are delighted. Our new website is on its way here at ht-arena. And on the hattrick.org site there is alot of work too to be done. We are working on a new concept in training and in play style. Players will be sold and bought in the end of the season. Goalkeeping has never been on our coaching board and we will try to make us a concept that can be a win win for our fanclub, sponsor, match results and our wallet..

Cheers Vagn FC
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