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The manager of the club is Ray15

All Achievements

Team Achievements

Climbing the ladder - Team was ranked amongst the top 50

I want you - Bought player

Get out of here - Sold player

Practice makes perfect - Player's skill increased

Play the Lottery - Scouted a new player

Let's do this again - Sold a rebought youth player

I want you back - Rebought a former youth player

Cup Heroes - Advanced from round 10 in the cup

All that skill - Total TSI of the squad exceeded 1 500 000

Cash is king - The money of the club exceeded 5 000 000

We're so loved - Fan club size exceeded 3 500 members

Investment return - Sold a youth player

Match Achievements

We're so good - Team reached an average match rating of magnificent

Friends from abroad - Played international friendly match

Star collector - Team reached at least 90 stars in a match

Manager Achievement

The world needs to know - Wrote a forum post