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Conditions d'utilisation

HT-ARENA is a free service, creates May 2003, hosted in France,
who allows the creation of the Web site of your Hattrick team, in a few minutes, and without having particular technical training.
HT-Arena is a CHPP site (Certified Hattrick Product Provider). By using the service, the user states to have taken knowledge and commits himself respecting the following provisions:
- Each user must have an active team on to be registered.
The teams in waiting list will be refused. Only one site by team is authorized, however,
exemptions can be required for sites of ' friendly cups ', or any other relevant initiative.
Any site without relationship with will be removed.
- HT-Arena ensures operation, the maintenance and the quality of its site and its services,
however it could not be held for person in charge for the illicit contents possibly present,
nor of the direct or indirect consequences of these contents.
HT-Arena reserves the right to suspend, remove or to modify it your site, constantly,
if this one is not in conformity with the laws in force or of origin to run up against the sensitivity of certain people.
Any person having a site of this nature will not be protected and its IP address could be
transmitted to the corresponding authorities.
Of the same manner, any person is penally responsible for the remarks which it makes on the guestbooks,
forums of discussion, or any other free part of the site.
Only the responsibility for the user could be committed if a message carried damage to a person
physics or morals or if this one is against the laws in force in its country and in France.
In the all cases, no recourse against HT-Arena is possible following a fault of the users
being given the impossibility of checking to 100 % of all the pages created.
- advertising for commercial sites, companies, or any other message related to commercial is prohibited.
- HT-Arena can be brought to stop the site or part of the services for reasons of maintenance or update.
The user recognizes that HT-Arena is not responsible for these interruptions and the consequences who can result from this.
- HT-Arena begins to respect the private life of the users by protecting personal information obtained.
Each user can modify or remove his personal information by making the request at
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